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We are committed to transforming Africa through high-caliber, customized solutions that are highly pertinent to the problems of the present and the future. We specialize in creating websites, mobile apps, software applications, and more...

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Web <Dev/>

Our well designed websites are optimized to help your business grow online.

Mobile App <Dev/>

We offer world class mobile app services. We develop mobile Apps (Android & iOS).

Software <Dev/>

We develop and deploy Software's tailored to the needs of our clients.

Database <Dev/>

Our database solutions helps businesses organize and track inventory.

Game <Dev/>

We offer best solution for game developers. We also develop and deploy bespoke games globally.

USSD <Dev/>

We develop, deploy and rent short codes for business operations.

API <Dev/>

We develop and deploy API's to improve  products, systems and more.

AI <Dev/>

We develop and deploy AI solutions to help automate business processes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Satetra <Dev/>?
    Satetra <Dev/> is a network of developers building complex and responsive web-based innovative solutions. At Satetra <Dev/> we also provide swift IT support services such as website design and more...
  • What Can Satetra <Dev/> help me with?
    We offer support services in Web Development, Mobile App development, Software Development and more. See more
  • How do I apply for any of these services with Satetra <Dev/>?
    Simply click on register to apply. You can also connect with our marketing team to commence registration process.  
  • How long will it take to complete my work?
    Work duration can best be given upon meeting all required materials listed. We encourage clients to make available all necessary documentation to commence work. 
  • How do I guarantee project quality?
    We review the outcome of all projects developed every month, test our works, present it to you and include your feedback to ensure you getting value for your money.

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